WindRepairs service and repair musical wind instruments, specialising in the woodwind family (saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboes etc), and is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Please contact Rob at WindRepairs who will be happy to discuss your instrument service or repair requirements, and give free estimates for any work required.

WindRepairs provides the following categories of work on instruments:

Discrete Fix – remedial action in the case that something on the instrument has bent/broken/fallen off/seized etc.

Checkover – inspection of the instrument for basic correct operation, making minor adjustments as required.

Service – the instrument is dismantled, cleaned, lubricated, re-assembled and adjusted, including the replacement of any worn/missing pads/corks/felts/springs etc.

Overhaul – This includes all the work of a ‘Service’ except that ALL pads/corks/felts are replaced.

All work is guaranteed for six months.

alto sax



WindRepairs was set up by Rob, as a natural extension of many years of interest in the playing and maintenance of wind instruments.
scraper He started playing the clarinet at the age of 9, and soon went on to learn to play the saxophone, as well as trying other wind instruments. Alongside the playing interest, was a fascination in the mechanics and the acoustic properties of the instruments.
screwdriver Rob went on to achieve an engineering degree in the early 80’s and has since gained over twenty years' experience working in the design and development sector of the aerospace industry. Wanting to further pursue his interest in musical instrument repair, he studied woodwind repair at Merton College between 2004 and 2006 to gain an ‘ASET’ certificate in musical instrument technology, and also trained in Brass instrument repair at the Llangunllo school, under Trevor Head.

soprano sax
woodwind qualification

The unusual ‘fish-eye’ photo shows the WindRepairs workshop. Engineering types will spot a Myford lathe on the left, and also a milling machine. These are used as necessary to fabricate some of the specialist tools needed to repair instruments. Other tools are bought in from Europe and the USA.


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WindRepairs is based off Rodmill Drive
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