Wind Repairs Wind Repairs
WindRepairs carry out servicing and repair of musical wind instruments, specialising in the woodwind family (saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboes etc), and is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

NOTE : PICK-UP & DROP-OFF SERVICE offered in nearby towns and between Eastbourne & Tunbridge Wells, including Hailsham, Heathfield, Uckfield & Crowborough.

Please contact Rob at WindRepairs who will be happy to discuss your instrument service or repair requirements, and give free estimates for any work required.

WindRepairs provides the following categories of work on instruments:

Discrete Fix – remedial action in the case that something on the instrument has bent/broken/fallen off/seized etc.

Checkover – inspection of the instrument for basic correct operation, making minor adjustments as required.

Service – the instrument is dismantled, cleaned, lubricated, re-assembled and adjusted, including the replacement of any worn/missing pads/corks/felts/springs etc.

Overhaul – This includes all the work of a ‘Service’ except that ALL pads/corks/felts are replaced.

All work is guaranteed for six months.